Anti-money laundering resources – we can help


LSAG AML guidance - what you need to know

2021-01-20T10:12:00+00:00By Rick Kent

Rick Kent, anti-money laundering policy manager, looks at the key changes introduced by the revised anti-money laundering guidance for the legal sector.


AML audits - what to expect

2019-12-02T17:03:00+00:00By Janet Noble

At our annual AML conference, anti-money laundering was very much on the SRA’s agenda for 2020. Here’s what you can expect.

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Money Laundering Regulations 2020 (OnDemand)


This webinar provides an overview of the new money laundering regulations and their impact on your firm.

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Webinar series: Anti-money laundering guidance (January–March 2021)


With the launch of the revised anti-money laundering (AML) guidance, the Law Society is hosting a series of free webinars to cover guidance and best practice.


Screening staff for AML purposes


Rebecca Atkinson outlines what checks firms need to do to screen their own staff for anti-money laundering purposes

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FAQs - ways of working


Our Practice Advice team has put together some of their most frequently asked questions (and answers) on current compliance issues.


Taking mobile risks


With remote/hybrid working becoming the norm, Rebecca Atkinson, Director of Risk at Howard Kennedy, outlines the risks when staff are using mobile apps in client communications.

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Dubious investment schemes: too good to be true?


Rina Amin, risk and compliance solicitor at Howard Kennedy, shares tips on how to spot a dubious investment scheme.


PI insurance – market update

2019-07-30T12:54:00+01:00By Brian Boehmer

Brian Boehmer looks at the current state of the PII market and how you can prepare for renewal.

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Brexit and practising rights


Anna Drozd and Betty-Ann Morain look at practice rights in the light of Brexit.

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The roar of ‘silent cyber’


The ironically entitled ‘silent cyber’ is making a lot of noise in the legal sector of late. Vanessa Cathie, Vice President of Global Cyber & Technology at Lockton Companies, explains what it is and if firms should be worried about it.

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Quality indicators - an update


Marzena Lipman, regulatory policy adviser, provides an update on the work the regulators are doing on digital comparison tools (DCTs) for consumers and what it might mean for law firms.

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Using AI to comply

2021-07-19T14:58:00+01:00Partner content

Eleanor Weaver, Chief Executive Officer at Luminance, considers how artificial intelligence can assist law firms in managing and monitoring their data protection obligations.


SRA draft business plan 2020/2021— explained

2020-08-05T13:03:00+01:00By Rebecca Atkinson

Rebecca Atkinson, Director of Risk at Howard Kennedy, looks at the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority’s (SRA) Business Plan for 2020/21. Although subject to change following consultation, the current draft indicates the direction of travel for the SRA and the impact on the profession in terms of regulation.