Tracey Calvert

Tracey Calvert

Tracey Calvert is a law firm management consultant. She is a director at Oakalls Consultancy Limited ( and a risk and compliance consultant with Law Society Consulting (

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    Best interests


    Do you know your obligations around identifying and addressing potential conflicts of interest? Tracey Calvert provides a refresher guide to conflicts in conveyancing practice

  • Ethics

    Legal ethics versus business needs


    Ethics must underpin the work of the in-house lawyer, but this can sometimes be difficult to reconcile with business needs. Tracey Calvert provides a guide to the SRA Principles and Code of Conduct and the ethical values which must be displayed in the in-house environment

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    Listen up


    In the second of an occasional series on the business benefits of effective compliance, Tracey Calvert looks at how good complaints-handling can help you make continuous improvements to your business, and how you can achieve this in practice

  • Quality image

    When in-house lawyers need to have a relationship with the SRA


    Tracey Calvert looks at the effect that the Legal Services Act has on in-house lawyers