Welcome to the Private Client Section - the membership group to help practitioners working in wills and probate, estate and tax planning, trusts, and mental capacity to be good at what they do, SRA compliant and progress their careers. Our rolling programme is delivered through a range of inclusive activities including seminars, webinars, podcasts, newsletters, PS magazine, and our LinkedIn group, plus members discounts.
  • Webinar: Personal injury trust masterclass (OnDemand)

  • Webinar: Looking after vulnerable clients that want to co-habit (OnDemand)

  • Cross border conference (March 2021)

  • Webinar: Bereavement soft skills for private client solicitors (OnDemand)

  • Webinar: A practical toolkit for coronavirus (OnDemand)

  • Webinar: Inheritance tax case law update (OnDemand)

  • Webinar: An introduction to the law behind trusts (OnDemand)

  • Webinar: Contentious probate for non-contentious probate lawyers (OnDemand)

  • Webinar: Inheritance disputes update 2019 (OnDemand)

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The committee supports the development of the future strategy of the Section and enhancement of the services already offered to members.

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Cross border conference (March 2021)

Our  2021 cross border conference will help you to keep on top of the increasingly complex and changing environment of international private client work. The event takes place online.

  • What’s outstanding on your DAC6 action list? The deadlines are nigh!

  • Accelerated payment of capital gains tax on residential land

  • Uplifting hourly rates for Court of Protection assessments

  • Will-wrangling – exceptions not rules in Wrangle v Brunt

  • Trust issues: witnessing wills and changes to the Trusts Register

  • Unlawful killing: applying the forfeiture rule

  • High Court awards claimant success fee in Inheritance Act claim

  • Wills in a time of social distancing and self-isolation

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The Private Client Section will provide you with support, advice, networking opportunities and enable the sharing of best practice with peers.

The current Private Client Section Engagement Programme has been created in consultation with the Section Advisory Committee

These issues will be addressed through a range of activities including: workshops, seminars, conferences, webinars, website, e-newsletters, magazines and a LinkedIn group.

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