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Ian Bond

Probate service update


Ian Bond assesses the verdict of the National Audit Office report on HM Courts & Tribunals Service initiatives

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Lattimer v Karamanoli


Andrew Bishop summarises a case he was involved in, which involved the rectification of a will, and how this relates to proposed changes to the Wills Act to stop marriage revoking a will

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Where there’s a will


Marianne Nankervis looks at the presumption against double portions, ademption and hotchpot

Stephen Lawson

Workshop: When contentious probate meets private client


Stephen Lawsom recaps his workshop on contentious probate

Woman checking a bank statement on a laptop

The importance of distinguishing funds


Lesley King discusses the recent case of Batt v Boswell: where confusion over trust and personal money led to a family dispute between two siblings following the death of their parents.


Severing a joint tenancy without notice


Roman Kubiak discusses the recent decision of Dunbabin v. Dunbabin [2022] EWHC 241(Ch), in which the court found that a joint tenancy had been severed despite the absence of a notice.


Versus predator

2022-02-18T16:06:00+00:00By and

The risk of vulnerable parties entering into a predatory marriage is gaining increasing attention, both in the press and in the legal profession. Bethan Byrne and Sheena Cassidy Hope explore how new protections can be achieved through changes in the law

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At capacity

2022-02-18T12:54:00+00:00By and

Holly Miéville-Hawkins and Holly Chantler review some key welfare cases from 2021, and the implications they have for financial deputies and attorneys

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