Holly Mieville-Hawkins

Holly Mieville-Hawkins is a solicitor at Withy King LLP, specialising in contentious and non-contentious Court of Protection applications and lasting and enduring powers of attorney

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    Workshop: Older and vulnerable client update


    Holly Mievelle-Hawkins and Heledd Wyn round-up their workshop on older and vulnerable clients

  • Rings 600x400

    At capacity


    Holly Miéville-Hawkins and Holly Chantler review some key welfare cases from 2021, and the implications they have for financial deputies and attorneys

  • a fine line14096

    A fine line


    A professional deputy is under a duty to protect P from financial abuse and spending unwisely, but when does this become overprotectiveness? Using practical examples, Holly Miéville-Hawkins and Asha Beswetherick explain how you can navigate this increasingly fine line

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    The hidden link


    Issues around mental capacity aren’t limited to private client; they can arise in any practice area. But mental capacity solicitors can support the whole firm by training colleagues in other practice areas. Holly Miéville-Hawkins outlines a simple training plan