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Trust issues: witnessing wills and changes to the Trusts Register


Lesley King considers the recent changes to the Trusts Register and a legislation update, validating wills made via videoconference since 31 January 2020.

Henrietta Mason

Move on


In the next in our series on removing fiduciaries, Henrietta Mason explains how to remove trustees and executors against their will

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Updated practice note: trust corporations


On 22 April 2020, we updated our practice note on trust corporations.


My trust investments are losing value - what do I do now?


In this current climate, many trust investments are quickly losing value. Laurence Daly, financial planner at Tavistock, explains six things trustees should be considering now to manage beneficiary expectations and maintain a healthy risk profile.


How will the 5AMLD impact trustees?


Neil Jones of Tavistock Law provides a look at changes to non-resident capital gains tax and how the EU’s Fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive (AMLD5) impacts trustees.


Back to basics: Nil-rate band discretionary trusts


Lesley King looks at the matters to consider when dealing with an estate where the will creates a nil-rate band discretionary trust

Exit plan - woman walking off into sunset

Making an exit

2019-11-12T00:00:00+00:00By ,

Henrietta Mason and Holly Miéville-Hawkins present a practical guide to removing fiduciary trustees when they retire or lose mental capacity

Iceberg with red flag

Red flags


Mariel Stringer-Fehlow outlines her tips and practical advice for trustees on spotting the early warning signs of a matter turning contentious, using four common scenarios

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