Diana Bentley

Diana Bentley

Diana Bentley is a freelance journalist

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    Sustainable business


    Diana Bentley explores the business case for firms when it comes to embedding sustainable practices and policies into the way they operate

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    Keep the customer happy


    In a time of increased competition and dynamic changes to the delivery of legal services, Diana Bentley explains how law firms must assess what clients want and how to deliver it

  • Brexit: two people walking in opposite directions leaving a tangled knot behind them, one carries EU flag briefcase, the other a Union Jack flag briefcase

    The devil in the deal


    Diana Bentley examines the impact of Brexit on the legal sector and talks to leading figures in the industry about practising rights and the effect on UK firms with EU offices

  • New Normal: three people fitted puzzle pieces into slots labelled "New Normal"

    Working the problem


    Diana Bentley investigates how law firms have responded to the pandemic, the changes they have made, and how they plan to develop further in 2021

  • Black Lives Matter in law - Two black hands, one holding a heart

    Black Lives Matter in law


    Diana Bentley looks at how law firms have been working to improve the record of the legal profession on diversity and inclusion, and the impact of the Black Lives Matter movement

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    The long view


    Are you contemplating appointing apprentices for the first time, or broadening your use of apprentices? What can you learn from firms already on the journey? Diana Bentley reports

  • Robert Camp

    Driving success


    Robert Camp is outgoing managing partner of award-winning south-west firm Stephens Scown and its new director of strategic innovation. He talks to Diana Bentley about how postcards, milk and campervans have supported the firm’s success

  • Alex Hatchman

    Hatching a plan


    Alexandra Hatchman, chief operating officer at Fletchers Solicitors, has transformed her firm in less than two years, and won an Excellence Award for her innovation. Diana Bentley talks to her about her approach, and her plans for the future

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    Flying start


    Recruitment and retention is a growing challenge for all firms, especially of lawyers starting their careers. So what are firms doing to attract and retain junior lawyers? Diana Bentley investigates, in the first article of our special focus on junior lawyers

  • Ed Whittington

    Moore is more


    Diana Bentley talks to Moore Blatch managing partner Ed Whittington about the firm’s strategy for growth

  • paradise lost140x96

    Paradise lost


    The Panama Papers leak from one of the world’s largest offshore law firms has led to a hardening of attitudes towards tax avoiders – and that arguably includes many lawyers, who are deemed complicit in the actions of their clients. Diana Bentley looks at how the landscape has changed.

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    Mind the gap


    Many law firms are missing a trick by not having a strategy. And many which do are not effectively implementing their plans so they can grow and position themselves effectively. Diana Bentley investigates how firms can close the gap between strategy and implementation

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    Live and learn


    The continuing competence regime has now been compulsory for just over two months. Diana Bentley talks to the regulator, firms and industry experts about how the change is being implemented in practice

  • Steven Zdolyny

    The long view


    Diana Bentley talks to Steven Zdolyny, director of legal services and compliance officer for legal practice at Riverview Law, about life at the helm of this expanding firm.

  • Peter Wright

    Tech breakthrough


    Peter Wright, director of DigitalLawUK, talks to Diana Bentley about setting up his niche firm

  • Catherine Gannon

    The business end


    Catherine Gannon talks to Diana Bentley about the challenges and rewards of setting up Gannons, a boutique firm working with private companies and small businesses

  • Leading light

    Leading light


    In a fast-changing market, leadership is becoming ever more important for law firms. Diana Bentley looks at the qualities and responsibilities expected of a good leader in today’s firm, and what the future might bring

  • Geoff Wild

    Running Wild


    Geoff Wild on Kent County Council’s innovative model, offering legal services to other public bodies

  • Made for each other

    Made for each other?


    Getting and keeping a corporate client is a lot like the dating game – you have to make your choice, get picked, and keep communicating and giving to keep the relationship going. Diana Bentley offers some tips for finding – and keeping – your perfect partner