Angharad Lynn

Angharad Lynn is a senior associate at VWV.

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    Exit signs


    Leaving the EU has had, and continues to have, a significant impact on the legal world. But what is its specific impact in relation to private client legal work, and what changes may still be to come? Angharad Lynn investigates

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    Asset managers


    Virtually all of us have digital assets – email and social media accounts, photos in the cloud – but it remains unclear what happens to them once we lose capacity. Angharad Lynn explains how you can advise clients, and the options available for attorneys and deputies

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    A place in the sun


    Angharad Lynn looks at the issues involved when succession planning for clients with homes abroad

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    Back to basics: Deeds of variation and disclaimers


    Deeds of variation and disclaimers can prove useful tools to redirect dispositions in a will. Angharad Lynn reviews the basics