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Each edition of our magazine has a four-page Back to Basics pullout, covering a key private client issue in extensive and practical detail

Back to Basics


Back to Basics: NHS continuing healthcare eligibility


Cate Searle looks at what you need to know about eligibility for NHS continuing healthcare

paula shea 600x400

Back to Basics: Health and welfare LPAs vs advance decisions


Paula Shea looks at advance care planning, the various options and how to prepare clients for life-threatening or life-sustaining situations.

Charlotte Coyle-600x400

Back to Basics: Estate planning for blended families

2021-11-16T00:00:00+00:00By ,

Charlotte Coyle and Lilly Whale look at what to consider when advising blended families


Back to Basics: Inheritance tax and partially exempt estates


Lesley King explains how to get the calculations right for inheritance tax due on partially exempt estates

Sarah Murphy

Back to Basics: Duties of an executor


Sarah Murphy recaps the basics on executors’ duties

lesley king 390x234

Back to Basics: Liabilities in estate administration


Lesley King looks at the rules governing payment of debts and liabilities during the administration of estates, including a number of example scenarios and relevant case law.


Back to Basics: How to manage cryptocurrencies


Leigh Sagar explains the basics of cryptocurrencies, and how to deal with them in an estate administration

Fiona Heald

Back to basics: Wills, trusts and care home fees


Fiona Heald reviews the basics on wills, estate planning and the problem of care home fees.


Back to basics: European cross-border estates

2020-05-12T00:00:00+01:00By ,

Álvaro Aznar Azcárate and Nicole Gallop Mildon present a series of questions and answers for English solicitors dealing with estate administrations in France, Spain, Italy and Portugal


Back to basics: Business LPAs


A business lasting power of attorney enables a business owner to authorise an attorney to make decisions concerning their business interests when they are unavailable or lack capacity. Craig Ward reviews the basics


Back to basics: Nil-rate band discretionary trusts


Lesley King looks at the matters to consider when dealing with an estate where the will creates a nil-rate band discretionary trust

Jo Summers

Back to Basics: Residence and domicile


Jo Summers goes back to basics on residence and domicile

Philip Warford

Back to basics: Trusts for disabled and vulnerable people


Philip Warford looks at trusts for disabled and vulnerable people

sheree green 140x96

Back to basics: Welfare deputyships


Sheree Green reviews the basics on welfare deputyships, and looks at why so few have been appointed

Dan Harris

Back to basics: Drafting wills for overseas jurisdictions


Daniel Harris recaps the main legal issues affecting the writing of wills to cover cross-border assets

Sheep farming at Coulaghailtro, Scotland

Back to basics: Working with farming accountants

2018-05-15T14:52:00+01:00By ,

Julie Butler and Fred Butler offer advice on the farm ownership structure and providing for strong succession planning.

kevin read

Back to Basics: Investment bonds


Kevin Read BSc, ACA, looks at investment bonds

Simon Leney

Back to Basics: Annual tax compliance in probate cases

2017-11-07T11:26:00+00:00By ,

Simon Leney and Jane Hodge look at final lifetime income and capital gains tax returns and estate returns

Melinda Giles

Back to Basics: Funding of care fees

2017-08-15T09:26:00+01:00By ,

Melinda Giles and Fiona Heald outline the three main ways government will assist with care fees for a person going into care – through the local authority; NHS continuing healthcare; and section 117 funding – and explain when it is possible to claim, how to claim, and what is and ...

craig ward 140x96

Back to Basics: Drafting LPA clauses


Craig Ward looks at how to draft clauses in lasting powers of attorney, including the importance of clarifying client instructions, being aware of current case law, and drafting with a practical outlook

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