Craig Ward

Craig Ward, Baron of Lundie, is a solicitor partner at Craybeck Law LLP and a researcher. He is the author of Lasting Powers of Attorney: A Practical Guide (3rd edn, 2016), published by the Law Society.

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    Protect and serve


    The GDPR aims to give the individual control over their personal data. So what happens when a beneficiary to a will or trust asks for disclosure of their data? Craig Ward considers what you can do, as a trustee or executor, to remain compliant but maintain client confidentiality

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    Take control


    The EU GDPR magnifies the data privacy obligations of deputies and attorneys in relation to donors and people lacking mental capacity. Craig Ward provides a guide to the new requirements

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    Back to Basics: Drafting LPA clauses


    Craig Ward looks at how to draft clauses in lasting powers of attorney, including the importance of clarifying client instructions, being aware of current case law, and drafting with a practical outlook