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It takes two

2019-08-06T00:03:00+01:00By ,

Using a real-life case study of a complex estate, Charlotte Pollard and Sofia Thomas explain how solicitor and tax adviser working together and taking a holistic approach can reap benefits for clients

David Mulholland

Meeting expectations


Regulators have been taking a keener interest of late in how professional services firms protect their vulnerable clients. What level of service should you expect from financial advisers in this area? David Mulholland explains

Person picking a digital bitcoin from a tree

Swim with the currency


The fluctuating fortunes of digital currencies and cryptocurrencies are making the headlines on a regular basis. As their popularity grows, what do practitioners need to know to advise investors and traders? Sophie Cisler presents a guide

Emma Kilburn

Leading the charge


EU legislation requires financial advisers to disclose all costs and charges relating to their retail client recommendations. Emma Kilburn explains what to look for in investment reports to make sure your adviser is compliant

man grabbing carpet from under houses

Gaining ground: the new non-residents' capital gains tax


Legislation in force from next April will bring almost all non-resident owners of land within the scope of UK tax on their gains – the loss of a key tax benefit for investors. Jo Summers explains

Philip Whitcomb

Workshop: Business property relief and agricultural property relief


Delegates at the conference could choose between five workshops, run twice over the course of the day. Philip Whitcomb rounds up his workshop

Luke Brooks

Workshop: Pensions

2018-09-18T00:11:00+01:00By ,

Delegates at the conference could choose between five workshops, run twice over the course of the day. Luke Brooks and Paul Garwood sum up their session

Anastasia Tennant

Workshop: The role of the tax system in building the UK’s cultural patrimony


Delegates at the conference could choose between five workshops, run twice over the course of the day. Anastasia Tennant rounds up her workshop

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