Following a report about lasting powers of attorney and dementia, Melinda Giles pressed the importance of sorting an LPA early, picking the right attorney and getting advice from a specialised solicitor.

This morning (3 May), Private Client Solicitors Section Committee member Melinda Giles was featured on BBC Breakfast, to discuss lasting powers of attorney (LPAs).

Melinda is also on the Wills and Equity Committee and is the Law Society council member for Private Client. 

Her interview followed a news item from BBC reporter Nina Warhurst, which featured two people who struggled to speak to utility companies, banks and medical professionals on behalf of their loved ones who have been diagnosed with dementia.

Nina’s report featured the current long waiting times for an LPA to be approved, which is currently around five months.

Melinda spoke about the importance of sorting an LPA for a family member early, even if it’s never used.

She also pressed how important it is for the attorney to be someone trusted by the donor, and to be advised by a solicitor who specialises in LPAs, wills and probate.