October 2023




Standard bearers


The challenge for any profession is to ensure that its members not only meet the requisite standard to be admitted into the profession, but also that they maintain those standards. This is partly from self-interest – the pride of a profession of the standard which distinguishes it – but, for ...


A fair hearing?

2023-10-05T09:50:00+01:00By and

Susanna Heley and Nigel West consider the SRA’s recent guidance on its approach to fines and decision-making in disciplinary cases, and outline some of the practical issues this raises


AI risk landscape


Jessica Clay looks at the regulatory landscape developing for the use of artificial intelligence in England and Wales and around the world


Time’s up

2023-10-05T08:45:00+01:00By and

Julie Norris and Alfie Cranmer of Kingsley Napley LLP provide a timeline of recent developments in anti-money laundering and sanction procedures


Banking on it


Jonathon Bray considers why a solicitor’s client account cannot be used as a ‘banking facility’ – and how to stay safe

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