Webinar: SRA Standards and Regulations (OnDemand)

Pearl Moses gives an overview of the practical challenges and opportunities facing compliance professionals.


Webinar: What does a quality risk assessment look like? (OnDemand)

Pearl Moses discusses ‘quality’ risk assessments with the AML task force.

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Webinar: The SRA Principles and the place of ethics (4 June)

This webinar will explore the ethical dilemmas that arise for solicitors and compliance professionals in light of the new Standards.


Webinar: Price transparency for COLPs (OnDemand)

This webinar will assist COLPs and other compliance colleagues through the new SRA Transparency Rules.

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Webinar: Thriving at work and at home in a 24/7 connected world (23 October)

This webinar gives practical tips on balancing your personal and professional lives in a digital world.

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Webinar: SRA Standards and Behaviours (28 October)

This webinar introduces the new rulebook and highlights key changes and risk areas to be aware of.


Webinar: International data transfer (1 October)

This webinar explains the movement of personal data across systems, networks and borders.


Webinar: Risk update 2019 (10 September)

This webinar is for those who are responsible for risk and compliance in their firm, whether they are COLP or those who assist the COLP.

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Webinar: Changes to the rules on reporting concerns (30 September)

This webinar will give managers, COLPs and COFAs with advice on the steps to take if a breach occurs.


Webinar: SRA Standards and Regulations - Introduction to new package (OnDemand)

This webinar introduces you to the new SRA Standards and Regulations.