The new version of Accounts Rules came into effect in November 2019. Firms and their reporting accountants will inevitably be considering the impact of the new rules and questioning if any changes already made by them are suitable to fulfil the new criteria. 

As the SRA’s guidance will inevitably continue to develop in 2020, as new issues/concerns emerge, those involved in dealing with client money in law firms must be confident they are up to date with all the latest developments.

This webinar covers:

  • a review of the key principles and rules
  • all the latest Guidance from the SRA
  • high risk issues including: The prohibition on providing banking facilities and residual client balances.

By attending this webinar, you will gain:

  • a practical understanding of the key Rules and principles
  • an update on the latest Guidance from the SRA on trickier areas and what else may be expected from them
  • a reminder of common breaches and key warning signs to avoid


    • Janet Taylor, Director, PKF Francis Clark

Janet is widely regarded as one of the finest trainers on the SRA Accounts Rules. She has trained and provided consultancy support to both fee earners and accounts staff in law firms while also training Reporting Accountants who are checking and reporting on their law firm clients’ compliance with these rules.

Janet has also spent time in the Technical Department of a top 20 accounting firm and has an excellent technical knowledge of UK accounting rules with the ability to make these potentially complex issues comprehensible to lawyers in all practice areas. Janet is the current Subject Matter Expert to the Solicitors Advisory Interest Group of the ICAEW and was co-author, together with Robert Mowbray, of A Practical Guide for COFAs and Finance Professionals.

This webinar is inclusive to the Law Management Section and discounted 20% for Risk and Compliance Service members.