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Wind it up

14 February 2017By

In the second in a two-part series, Jo Summers addresses the key taxation issues trustees must be aware of when winding up a trust

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Checks and balancesSubscription

14 February 2017By

Upcoming tax changes may lead more private property investors to incorporate. Susan Winter looks at the pros and cons of each structure, and the implications for private clients who own property as an investment

sally pike

Banking on itSubscription

14 February 2017By

The so-called Bank of Mum and Dad plays a vital role in helping young people to take their first steps on to the housing ladder, but the legal issues for a solicitor to deal with are manifold. Sally Pike advises on how to ensure things go as smoothly as possible

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In principleSubscription

15 November 2016By

The courts are increasingly willing to entertain proprietary estoppel claims and to hone the various limbs of the law. George Mallet examines two recent Court of Appeal decisions

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Give to receive

15 November 2016By ,

Whether through ad hoc charitable donations or a strategic programme of philanthropy, clients in Britain have a long history of ‘giving back’. Alana Petraske and Christopher Groves look at the options, and the tax reliefs available

Melinda Giles

Back to Basics: Authorised payments for CoP deputiesSubscription

15 November 2016By

Those in control of the finances of an incapacitated person may be an attorney by a registered power of attorney or a deputy under the Court of Protection. As such, the authority that they hold in terms of the payments that they are authorised to make differs. Melinda Giles set out the authority held by those with a deputyship.

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Screen saversSubscription

15 November 2016By

In an ever-changing digital world, it is becoming increasingly important to make arrangements for the future protection of digital assets, including online accounts. Nick Wenban-Smith provides a practical guide

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A family affair

23 September 2016By ,

With 42 per cent of marriages ending in divorce, it is important when advising wealthy clients to put mechanisms in place to protect family assets. Jenny Cutts and Rosie Schumm provide a guide

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