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Private Client Section

Tax and Estate Planning

lesley king 390x234

Brain trust

19 September 2017By

At the Private Client Section annual conference, Lesley King provided an update on recent developments in private client law, including the online trusts register, recent case law, and the rules around adoption and succession

jo summers 390x234

Workshop: IHT and the family homeSubscription

19 September 2017Updated: 19 September 2017By

Delegates at the conference could choose between five workshops, run twice over the course of the day. Jo Summers rounds up her workshop

chris whitehouse 390x234

Rate of knotsSubscription

19 September 2017By

At the Private Client Section annual conference, Chris Whitehouse gave an update on capital tax planning after the 2017 budget, focusing in particular on the complexities of the new residence nil-rate band

city of london

New criminal offence of failure to prevent the facilitation of tax evasion

22 August 2017By

A new corporate criminal offence of failing to prevent the facilitation of tax evasion comes into force on 30 September - yet many still seem not to know about it. In advance of a longer article in the November edition of PS, Stuart Adams explains why private client practitioners must sit up and pay attention.

Melinda Giles

Back to Basics: Funding of care feesSubscription

15 August 2017By ,

Melinda Giles and Fiona Heald outline the three main ways government will assist with care fees for a person going into care – through the local authority; NHS continuing healthcare; and section 117 funding – and explain when it is possible to claim, how to claim, and what is and what is not taken into account.

Stephen Haggett

At your discretionSubscription

14 August 2017By

Some commentators have suggested people will not be able to benefit from the new residence nil-rate band allowance if they include discretionary trusts in their wills. But Stephen C Haggett argues that flexible will trusts are still an invaluable part of estate planning

iceberg in the sea

Hide awaySubscription

8 August 2017By

As the cost of residential care rises, more people are attempting to protect their home and other assets from local authorities to avoid paying for care. Heledd Wyn explains why such actions are doomed to fail, and how local authorities will approach a so-called deliberate deprivation of assets

Yasmin Metcalfe

Standard fareSubscription

8 August 2017By

Over 100 countries have signed up for the Common Reporting Standard to automatically exchange tax information. But in a complex international tax regime, what is the solicitor’s role? Yasmin Metcalfe outlines the main principles of the standard

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