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  • New guidance on VAT on disbursements

  • HMRC gives guidance on applying SDLT to dwellings

  • The SRA’s new Standards and Regulations – are you prepared?

  • Building in safety

  • Law Commission confirms electronic signatures are legally valid

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PAS FAQ: replacing deeds lost in the post


Who is responsible for the cost of replacing property deeds lost in the post? The Practice Advice Service explains the rules under the Code for Completion by Post.

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Library FAQ: licences to occupy residential property


Precedent sources for licences to occupy residential property, from the Law Society Library.

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Kate Andrews

Virtual reality – rating valuations based on imaginary tenants


The estimated value of an unoccupied property can be based on the general demand for similar properties in the area.

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The revised Code for Completion by Post – what's changed?


Carl Brewin provides a personal perspective on some of the key changes in the revised code, and what they mean for both buyers’ and sellers’ solicitors

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