December 2023



Clare Harman-Clark

Pet projects


Clare Harman Clark, the Property Section chair, wonders when we’ll all get to live in a ‘doghouse’


aimie farmer 600 x 400

What a RAACet

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Gregor Woods, Antoni Hajdon and Aimie Farmer consider the use of reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC) in construction and the impact it will have on the property sector

Claire Rainsford-600x400

Testing the climate


Claire Rainsford shares her perspective on opportunities for the legal and real estate sectors to translate strategy into action to tackle the climate crisis


Safe as houses

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The legislative and regulatory detail introduced to support the Building Safety Act is ever evolving. Phil Parkinson and Aisling McWilliams provide a summary of the key changes

Richard Pulford is a white man with dark blonde hair and a trimmed beard, wearing a dark blue suit in an office. He's smiling

Pet peeve


Richard Pulford looks at the current position on pets in rental properties and how this stands to change when the Renters (Reform) Bill becomes law


Buy better?


There will be some key changes to the conveyancing process in 2024. Peter Rodd outlines what to expect


Proliferation risk


What is proliferation financing, and how is it affecting property practitioners? David Pett explains

Right of way-graphic-600x400

Private eye


Disputes over easements are occurring more often. Zoe Upson outlines the risks when advising clients about private rights of way


Feeling restricted


Andrew Francis considers two recent cases involving restrictive covenants, and what they reveal about the potential pitfalls of misinterpreting short judgments

Times up-600x400

Time’s up

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Is the expiry date looming on the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954? Frances Edwards and Shanna Davison discuss proposals for its reform ahead of the Law Commission’s long-awaited consultation paper

Victoria Duxbury 600x400

What next for MEES?

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A recent government announcement about postponing proposed climate change targets means changes are afoot for domestic energy standards requirements. Victoria Duxbury and Katie Goodfellow provide an update


Getting to the source


Rebecca Atkinson considers source of funds and wealth and outlines how much digging you need to do to meet your compliance obligations

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