December 2022

Cover of Property in Practice magazine December 2022


Clare Harman-Clark

Conference building


Property Section chair Clare Harman Clark looks at how to build a perfect conference in a post-pandemic world


Red balloon with Pound (£) symbol floats away, as man falls below holding onto snapped string

Counting the cost


Lucy Trevelyan reports on the effect of the cost of living crisis – and other factors such as new government regulation – on the UK’s commercial property market

Kayleigh Brown is a white woman with shoulder-length brown hair, she's wearing a dark blazer and smiling. In the background is a dark purple triangle, pointing towards the left

Issue of trusts


Kayleigh Brown considers the new requirements for the registration of trusts

Sarah Dwight

On the register


Sarah Dwight looks at the Digital Registration Service (DRS) set up by HM Land Registry and gives her perspective on using it in the conveyancing process

Illustration of eye looking through magnifying glass at house

Quality Street


Rob Bridgman sets out what the newly established New Homes Quality Code and the New Homes Ombudsman Service means for the property industry

Simon Kenneally is a white man wearing glasses, bow tie and waistcoat. He is talking to someone off-camera.

Walking in the air


Simon Kenneally looks at airspace development and outlines what lawyers and developers need to know to advise clients

Illustration of man and woman pointing up at house-shape constellation in night sky

Searching for silver linings


Jess Harrold surveys the commercial property landscape in a time of political volatility and economic uncertainty

Michael Duncan 600x400

Russia house


Michael Duncan considers the effect that Russian sanctions are having on the UK property industry and outlines some of the practical issues for property practitioners

Laurence Howland is a white man in a dark suit and tie, with shaven hair. He's smiling in front of mustard wallpaper with a fan pattern

Underground banking


Laurence Howland does a deep dive into Chinese underground banking, outlining how it works and how the risk impact on law firms in the UK can be mitigated

Illustration of orange sun, and high city skyscrapers in blue and green

Power struggle


As more households and businesses are investing in solar technology, Robin Biela asks whether rights of light will ever be extended to solar panels

Eleanor O’Reilly-Joe

CQS goes online


The Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) has seen several significant changes, most notably a new online application process. Eleanor O’Reilly-Joe outlines the key changes

Richard Pulford is a white man with dark blonde hair and a trimmed beard, wearing a dark blue suit in an office. He's smiling

Licence to rent


Richard Pulford looks at how landlords can be subject to penalties if they do not follow the property licensing procedure, designed to endure that housing conditions are of an acceptable standard

Illustration of house with trees growing on roof, among rolling hills, made with rounded block shapes. Colours are bright pink, orange and dark green.

Going green


Green leases are one way both landlords and tenants can reduce the environmental impact of property. Georgia Jones outlines the key issues

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