Sarah Dwight

Sarah Dwight

Sarah Dwight is a sole practitioner in Birmingham. She sits on the Conveyancing and Land Law Committee and is leader of the Residential Property Working Sub-Group

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    Managing client expectations around the stamp duty holiday deadline


    The SDLT holiday has boosted the housing market, but increased pressure on solicitors to complete transactions before the deadline in March 2021. Peter Rodd and Sarah Dwight share advice on what you can do now to manage clients’ expectations

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    Ups and downs


    Sarah Dwight provides a personal perspective on how lockdown has affected high street conveyancing firms, their clients, and the wider conveyancing market

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    Taking charge


    Sarah Dwight looks at the history of rentcharges, and the impact of ground rents on the growth of estate rentcharges. Is it time for the law to be amended to give freehold owners the same rights and protections as their leasehold counterparts?

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    The Friday blues


    Sarah Dwight looks at the phenomenon of Friday afternoon fraud and what you can do to help reduce the risk of your firm or your client becoming a victim

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    Moving with the times


    The revised Conveyancing Protocol comes into force in 2019. Sarah Dwight explains what changes have been made and why

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    Bright side


    Under increasing pressure, it’s harder than ever to find time to get to know your clients. But if you make that investment, it can help you manage expectations and create a relationship which will benefit both you and the client. Sarah Dwight offers her top tips

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    Leasehold: a feudal system?


    Sarah Dwight discusses the feudal origins of freehold and leasehold ownership and what the future of it may entail.

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    Counting the cost


    Clients purchasing leasehold property may not realise how expensive the process can be, with the range and proliferation of fees payable to managing agents and leaseholders. Sarah Dwight outlines the problem and the role of the conveyancer

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    Sailing through


    The Conveyancing Protocol has been in place for over five years, but there are still common areas of non-compliance on both sides of transactions. Sarah Dwight outlines these areas, and the steps solicitors should take