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  • Vicki Pearce

    Willing and able?


    Vicki Pearce outlines how to assess if your client has mental capacity and explains the different authorities which can be put in place for a client who lacks capacity

  • Lisa Bevan

    Common comeback?


    Lisa Bevan considers the revival of commonhold as a viable alternative to the leasehold

  • paper-plane-600x400

    Is your firm operating digitally?

    2021-05-18T15:30:00+01:00By Bronwyn Townsend

    With most firms moving to some form of agile working, Bronwyn Townsend, Senior Marketing Manager at InfoTrack, looks at the spectrum of technology solutions that can help firms to operate digitally.

  • clouds

    Cloud technology promotes more agility for conveyancing firms

    2021-04-22T10:32:00+01:00By Bronwyn Townsend

    Bronwyn Townsend, Senior Marketing Manager at InfoTrack, considers how technology can assist conveyancers with high volumes of work while social distancing restrictions are still in place

  • Peter Rodd

    Pushed for money


    Peter Rodd looks at three key areas of risk facing conveyancers today: push payment fraud, money laundering and additional enquiries

  • Kathryn Taylor

    Help yourself


    The new Help to Buy scheme went live in December, and buyers under the previous scheme have until 31 May 2021 to legally complete their purchase. Kathryn Taylor outlines how the schemes differ, and the actions solicitors need to take

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