Residential Property

Features and opinion

  • Listed property

    The black list


    Making unauthorised changes to listed buildings or scheduled monuments can carry significant penalties, Beth Harries explains. How should you advise clients looking to buy a property which might be affected?

  • New build

    What’s new?


    How should you advise clients buying new-build properties? John Wallace provides the construction lawyer’s perspective

  • Ibraheem Dulmeer-600x400

    Great demand

    2020-06-09T00:00:00+01:00By ,

    What should a leaseholder do if they receive a service charge demand which they think is unreasonable? Mark Loveday and Ibraheem Dulmeer provide a simple guide

  • Joanna Goodman-600x400

    Token gestures


    Will tokenisation transform conveyancing? Joanna Goodman investigates

  • Peter Rodd

    Quality time


    Peter Rodd looks at the plans for the Conveyancing Quality Scheme, the effect of coronavirus, and what scheme member firms should be focusing on now

  • Sarah Dwight

    Taking charge


    Sarah Dwight looks at the history of rentcharges, and the impact of ground rents on the growth of estate rentcharges. Is it time for the law to be amended to give freehold owners the same rights and protections as their leasehold counterparts?

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