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  • Tate Modern

    A private function

    2023-09-18T00:00:00+01:00By and

    In February 2023, the Supreme Court held that visual intrusion by the viewing gallery in the Tate Modern’s Blavatnik Building was a private nuisance against those living in a nearby block of flats. Joanna Williams and Joseph Skilton consider the impact of the verdict

  • Rent-graphic-600x400

    Rent recovery


    Now that the post-COVID-19 legislation introduced to deal with rent arrears no longer applies, Lucie Barnes revisits what the usual recovery methods are and considers the circumstances in which they are appropriate

  • Red balloon with Pound (£) symbol floats away, as man falls below holding onto snapped string

    Counting the cost


    Lucy Trevelyan reports on the effect of the cost of living crisis – and other factors such as new government regulation – on the UK’s commercial property market

  • Illustration of man and woman pointing up at house-shape constellation in night sky

    Searching for silver linings


    Jess Harrold surveys the commercial property landscape in a time of political volatility and economic uncertainty

  • Michael Duncan 600x400

    Mandatory rental auctions


    In a significant shakeup to the high street, the government is proposing mandatory rental auctions. Michael Duncan considers the proposals and outlines how they might work in practice

  • Phil Parkinson-600x400

    Work to live


    Phil Parkinson outlines the complexities in the conversion of commercial premises for residential purposes, and what to consider when advising landlords

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