Commercial Property

  • Tom Grogan-600x400

    Dream machine

    2021-03-09T12:03:00+00:00By ,

    Nick Kirby and Tom Grogan provide an overview of developments in commercial proptech, including around machine learning, diligence, and the Internet of Things

  • Nikki Bensoor

    Head to head


    Nikki Bensoor looks at how heads of terms are changing in the pandemic, and how the government’s Code for leasing business premises could support commercial lease negotiations

  • Rent

    Rent concessions during the pandemic: considerations for commercial landlords


    Following the government’s ban on evictions of commercial tenants during the pandemic, Peter Robinson looks at what commercial landlords should consider when making concessions on rent and service charge

  • escalator-stairs-retail-commercial-600x400

    Turnover rents in the time of coronavirus


    Clare Harman Clark examines how uncertainty in the retail sector may be fuelling a comeback for turnover rents, and how parties can make the compromise of variable rents work.

  • Nikki Bensoor-600x400

    Look before you lease


    Lockdown has presented unprecedented challenges for both landlords and tenants. Nikki Bensoor looks at the impact on commercial lease arrangements, now and in the future

  • Steven Petty-600x400

    Riding out the storm


    Steven Petty explains how his specialist commercial property firm has weathered the COVID-19 storm – and why the firm has continued to award bonuses and recruit new staff

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