September 2020

Property in Practice magazine cover - September 2020


Warren Gordon

Picking the lock


Warren Gordon looks at the range of changes in property legislation and practice under lockdown


Conflicts of interest in conveyancing: man in suit crossing tightrope between two people

Pick a side


Lorraine Richardson provides a reminder of conflicts of interest in conveyancing, focusing on a key area where risk can arise: acting for both the buyer and seller in a transaction

Mike Harlow

A sign of things to come


Mike Harlow looks at how HM Land Registry has responded to lockdown by accepting electronic signatures, and how conveyancing could change in the future to become an even more secure and wholly digital process

High street: open, cheerful shop front with sign for "SDLT holiday"

Ups and downs


Sarah Dwight provides a personal perspective on how lockdown has affected high street conveyancing firms, their clients, and the wider conveyancing market

Nikki Bensoor-600x400

Look before you lease


Lockdown has presented unprecedented challenges for both landlords and tenants. Nikki Bensoor looks at the impact on commercial lease arrangements, now and in the future

Steven Petty-600x400

Riding out the storm


Steven Petty explains how his specialist commercial property firm has weathered the COVID-19 storm – and why the firm has continued to award bonuses and recruit new staff

Ibraheem Dulmeer-600x400

Lock and quay

By and

Ibraheem Dulmeer and Justin Bates look at a recent Upper Tribunal case involving the application of service charges at the Docklands development, No.1 West India Quay

Right to light: House in shadow of towerblock

Let there be light


As the government further loosens planning restrictions to aid economic recovery, David Manda provides a timely reminder on rights to light, and what developers can do to avoid costly litigation and potential changes to their developments

Georgia Jones-600x400

From time to Tyne


Georgia Jones provides a back to basics guide to Tyneside flat lease arrangements, and what you need to know if you are acting on the sale or purchase of a Tyneside flat

Richard Williams-600x400

The drinks business

By and

Niall McCann and Richard Williams look at what property solicitors need to know when acting on transactions involving licensed premises where the tenant or owner is insolvent

Gavin Le Chat

At your service


In the third in his series on what property solicitors need to know about different phases of the development process, Gavin Le Chat looks at drainage and the supply of services

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