March 2019

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Warren Gordon

Common cause


Property Section chair Warren Gordon looks at the Law Commission’s proposals on commonhold


Client care in property

Bright side


Under increasing pressure, it’s harder than ever to find time to get to know your clients. But if you make that investment, it can help you manage expectations and create a relationship which will benefit both you and the client. Sarah Dwight offers her top tips

Professor Nick Hopkins

Common ground


Professor Nick Hopkins and the property law team at the Law Commission outline the commission’s commonhold consultation and the impact the changes could have in practice

anna russell knee 140x96

Plan of action


Last year, the government published a significantly revised version of the National Planning Policy Framework. Anna Russell-Knee outlines some of the changes, and how they will affect clients wishing to develop property now and in the future

Looking at SRA changes through a telescope

New world


Major regulatory change is on the horizon this year. Michael Garson looks at what the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s new regime will mean for conveyancing practice, clients and the competitive environment

Sue Highmore

The green stuff


It is nearly a year since the minimum energy efficiency standard regime came into force. Sue Highmore reflects on its effect on residential clients – including the financial impact – and outlines changes coming into force on 1 April 2019

Peter Rodd

Plus ça change…


Purrunsing, P&P and Dreamvar were the big news in conveyancing last year. But, Peter Rodd asks, were they anything new, or did they just reiterate the ongoing need for constant vigilance?

Scheme of works being kicked out of court

The best intentions


The recent case of S Franses Ltd v The Cavendish Hotel, which hinged on whether the landlord had the intention of redeveloping a property, has significant implications for commercial landlords and tenants. Kate Andrews explains

Warren Gordon

Taking charge


From April, new regulatory requirements for service charges for commercial property will come into force. Warren Gordon outlines the changes, and what they mean for existing leases

Katie Gordon-Smith

All present and correct


Katie Gordon-Smith outlines the steps Land Registry is taking to improve requisition rates, and the role of solicitors in achieving this goal

Shifting sands - balancing a hardening market and market regulation

Shifting sands

By ,

PII is in flux. The market is hardening, free post-run-off cover is ceasing, regulatory changes will introduce classes of solicitor with less or no cover, and proposed changes could reduce minimum cover. Steve Ray and Jenny Screech round up the changes, and the likely effects

Richard Bagwell

Mending fences


Newspapers are always full of stories of escalating disputes between neighbours. But nuisance doesn’t need to be about noise – as shown by a recent case on Japanese knotweed. Richard Bagwell provides a short guide to remedies for nuisance

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