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    Money matters


    Law firms face the challenge of managing the tension between professionalism and commercialism. Most provide high-quality advice to clients, but many struggle with capturing a fair share of that value and turning output into profit and cash. Alex Shacklock looks at how to improve commercial performance in any law ...

  • Amanda Potter

    Intelligence gathering


    Emotional intelligence (EQ) can be a leader’s greatest asset, or if ignored, their greatest risk. Dr Amanda Potter looks at why EQ matters in the workplace, and how you can develop yours

  • Alison Lobb

    Liverpool empire


    Fresh from a team and individual win at the 2019 Excellence Awards, Alison Lobb , managing partner of Morecrofts in Liverpool, talks to Duncan Wood about connecting with local businesses, developing talent and promoting diversity

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    A world of difference


    Diversity in law firms – in terms of not only protected characteristics, but also experiences, attitudes and ways of thinking – can bring benefits in everything from financial performance to employee engagement. Lucy Trevelyan investigates.

  • Ann Harrison

    Changing times


    Ann Harrison considers the future for legal businesses after coronavirus, and if it could lead to positive change

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    Shuffle the cards


    Exchanging business cards at networking events is part of most law firms’ business development activity. Bob Spence looks at why this may not be the best use of time, and how else you can build your network and win new business  

  • Jo-Anne Wild

    Bring out the best


    ‘Bring your own device’ policies can bring real benefits, from increased productivity to costs savings. But there are also risks – and since employees always find ways to make their lives easier, you’re probably already at risk without knowing it. Jo-Anne Wild provides a simple guide for law firms ...

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    The eye of the beholder


    You may think you can change your brand by changing your logo, but brand is far more about how clients and staff – both current and potential – perceive you. Ben Trott looks at how to understand and influence your firm’s brand

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    COVID-19 legal relief initiative


    In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, Law Society partner Clio has launched a $1million USD legal relief initiative.

  • HMRC1

    IR35 changes delayed to 2021


    Following a review of its plans in January 2020, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has confirmed that changes to off-payroll working rules known as IR35 in the private sector will go ahead.

  • information

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) advice and updates


    As the coronavirus pandemic unfolds, the Law Society is listening to members and asking questions of other organisations

  • Brokenpiggy

    Closure of the Solicitors’ Indemnity Fund


    The Solicitors’ Indemnity Fund will close on 30 September 2020. This may leave former principles of law firms liable for future claims. Make sure you’re prepared.

  • employment

    IR35 change: rules to apply only to services provided after 6 April


    HM Revenue Customs has announced an amendment to its changes to IR35, the off-payroll working rules: instead of applying to all payments made after 6 April 2020, the changes will only apply to payments made for services delivered after 6 April 2020

  • excellence-awards-2020-entries open

    Excellence Awards 2020: find out about all the law firm management awards


    The Law Society’s Excellence Awards celebrate the hard work and inspirational achievements of solicitors, legal teams and firms of all sizes. More than half recognise excellence in law firm management disciplines

  • Regulation stock

    Law Society responds to independent review of legal services regulation


    We have responded to Stephen Mayson’s interim report, expressing our concerns that the proposals would lead to a less coherent alternative to the existing regime

  • money laundering

    What you need to know about AMLD5


    The EU’s 5th Money Laundering Directive (AMLD5) came into force on 10 January 2020. The Legal Sector Affinity Group (LSAG), which includes the Law Society and all the legal sector supervisors named in the anti-money laundering regulations, has published a summary of changes brought in by AMLD5

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    Government reviewing IR35 changes


    In April, changes are due to come into force relating to the payment of contractors and other off-payroll workers. On 7 January 2020, the government announced that it will be reviewing the process for the implementation of the changes

  • cybersecurity

    Webinar: Cyber security update 2020 (OnDemand)

    With countless scam alerts being published each day by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, cybersecurity is an increasingly important topic for law firms.

  • Data - blocks of data being fed through funnel into measuring beaker

    Test subject


    Law firms have so much management information at their fingertips, but many focus on just a couple of financial metrics. John Humpherson and Barry Wilkinson look at how to use management information to improve your business processes

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    On the same side


    In the first of a two-part series on complaints, Rebecca Atkinson looks at some of the reasons why clients complain, and how to avoid complaints by focusing on providing ‘good’ service in key areas