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  • tim-gillett-600x400

    A taxing split


    At the conference, Tim Gillett focused on areas where private client practitioners might assist their family law colleagues with tax issues arising on divorce, and how legal separation has a variety of tax implications

  • julie-man-600x400

    Giving it up


    A recent case involving a law firm that refused to renounce acting as professional executor ended up with it being removed by the High Court and a hefty legal bill to pay. Julie Man explains what you should do if faced with a similar request to renounce your executorship

  • Hand picking up block labelled "SDLT"

    Stamp it out


    Lesley King unpicks the myriad of stamp duty land tax issues for trustees and beneficiaries

  • craig-ward-1500x1000

    A shot in the arm


    While the announcement of three COVID-19 vaccines has been celebrated across the world, there are many considerations for attorneys and deputies to consider for people who lack mental capacity to consent to be vaccinated. Craig Ward explains

  • Deep impact: earth seen from space

    Deep impact


    Alberto Perez Cedillo takes an in-depth view on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the practice of international private client

  • Life story: couple embrace under raincloud

    Life story


    A married couple comes to you looking to draw up their wills. Hayley Seddon and Russell Kaminski look at what you need to ask and advise them, and how a simple instruction can be far more complex and interesting than it seems

  • Pensions - tower of piggy banks over egg-timer with pound sign draining away(£)

    Gone to pot


    While pension pots are usually exempt from inheritance tax, there are still exceptions to be wary of. Jo Summers looks at the traps to avoid

  • Communities - four people interacting

    Removal service


    There are many reasons why a change in attorney or deputy may be in P’s best interests, but what can you do if they resist? Holly Miéville-Hawkins explains how to remove an attorney or deputy against their will

  • Place in the sun - beach house next to sea

    A place in the sun


    Angharad Lynn looks at the issues involved when succession planning for clients with homes abroad

  • Second marriage - three linked wedding rings

    Second time around


    Using case studies, Charlotte Pollard and Sofia Thomas consider the range of tax and estate planning issues for clients remarrying or divorcing later in life, and flag the common pitfalls to avoid

  • lesley king 390x234

    Plenary: Good as golden


    At the Private Client Section annual conference, Lesley King provided her yearly update on private client law and practice, covering the residence nil-rate band, the importance of the ‘golden rule’, and an urgent Court of Protection application

  • Iceberg with red flag

    Red flags


    Mariel Stringer-Fehlow outlines her tips and practical advice for trustees on spotting the early warning signs of a matter turning contentious, using four common scenarios

  • Care home industry small print: person holding pen over terms and conditions

    The small print


    The Competition and Market Authority’s recent market study into the care home industry found that people are not being treated fairly. Caroline Bielanska presents a guide to the care home contract terms that are likely to be unfair, and what you can do if you encounter them

  • Daphne-Perry-600x400

    Writing wrongs


    Daphne Perry offers some simple writing techniques to improve client service and business returns

  • craig-ward-1500x1000

    Take control


    The EU GDPR magnifies the data privacy obligations of deputies and attorneys in relation to donors and people lacking mental capacity. Craig Ward provides a guide to the new requirements

  • 2018 conference - Paul Lewis in conversation with John Hyde 2018

    Keynote: Hot off the press


    At the conference keynote session, Paul Lewis , financial journalist and broadcaster, in conversation with John Hyde , deputy news editor of the Law Society Gazette, spoke about pricing and clarity in legal services

  • Artwork - gift in lieu of tax or sell?

    State of the art


    Eleni Polycarpou and Giulia Trojano consider the tax and inheritance issues involved in handling estates rich in artworks, and look to the future and the rise of digital art 

  • Angharad Lynn

    Back to basics: Deeds of variation and disclaimers


    Deeds of variation and disclaimers can prove useful tools to redirect dispositions in a will. Angharad Lynn reviews the basics

  • Trans gender identity

    Trans facts


    Despite greater awareness and public understanding of gender identity, many transgender people still face discrimination. Alison Craggs and Debra Gers examine the key legal rights of transgender people – from management of wills and inheritance rights to equality in the workplace

  • a fine line14096

    A fine line


    A professional deputy is under a duty to protect P from financial abuse and spending unwisely, but when does this become overprotectiveness? Using practical examples, Holly Miéville-Hawkins and Asha Beswetherick explain how you can navigate this increasingly fine line