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Recent Features and Opinion

Lesley King

Plenary: Changing timesSubscription

18 September 2018By

At the Private Client Section conference, Lesley King provided her annual update following a very busy year for private client law and practice, covering developments around data protection, trusts and ISAs

Stuart Adams

Under reviewSubscription

7 August 2018By

Private Client Section committee member Stuart Adams reviews a new edition of an established title on trusts, which is packed with useful information

Yasmin Metcalfe

Up to standardSubscription

7 August 2018By

Trustees have completed their second year of reporting under the Common Reporting Standard, but issues remain. Yasmin Metcalfe details this, and other updates that trustees need to be aware of, including the interaction between the Standard and the General Data Protection Regulation

lesley king 390x234

Brain trust

19 September 2017By

Lesley King provides an update on recent developments in private client law

person standing on clock hands 1000x1000

Wind it up

14 February 2017By

Jo Summers addresses the key taxation issues trustees must be aware of when winding up a trust

Simon Leney

Back to Basics: Administering trustsSubscription

14 February 2017By

In this Back to Basics, Simon Leney identifies some of the building blocks that are needed to do this work effectively. The article is in three parts: the take-on of a newly established trust, the take-on of an existing trust, and the conduct of a trust

piggy bank 140x96

Wind up

15 November 2016By

In the first of a two-part article, Jo Summers explains the various ways in which a trust may be brought to end and the key considerations for trustees

Lesley King

Key to successionSubscription

20 September 2016By

At the Private Client Section annual conference, Lesley King provided an update on recent developments in private client, focusing on the EU Succession Regulation, the residence nil-rate band, proprietary estoppel and equitable rescission

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