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The Private Section covers wills and probate, estate administration, elderly client, mental capacity, trusts and tax and estate planning. We also cover other areas as they relate to private client law and practice, from practice management in private client firms to charity law, and from state benefits to international law and practice

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Cutting a pathway

14 February 2017

In September 2016, the Court of Protection initiated a new pilot involving the allocation of one of three case management pathways, aimed at improving the speed and consistency of cases. Katie Webber explains what has changed and, five months on, assesses its impact

Melinda Giles

Back to Basics: Authorised payments for CoP deputiesSubscription

15 November 2016

Those in control of the finances of an incapacitated person may be an attorney by a registered power of attorney or a deputy under the Court of Protection. As such, the authority that they hold in terms of the payments that they are authorised to make differs. Melinda Giles set out the authority held by those with a deputyship.

All Mental Capacity

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FAQ: How do I deal with digital assets in a will?

9 February 2017

The Law Society’s Library provides information and details of precedents relating to digital assets and wills.

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Survivorship clauses and the commorientes ruleSubscription

7 December 2016

Lesley King discusses survivorship clauses in wills following death and the recent judgment in Jump v Lister. 

All Wills and Probate

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Come togetherSubscription

14 February 2017

The 2016 Elderly Client Care Conference brought together lawyers, health and social care experts, academics and charities to deliver practical advice on the unique challenges of elderly client law. Sarah Murphy reports back from the day

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SPECAL deliverySubscription

14 February 2017

Penny Garner spoke at the 2016 Elderly Client Care Conference about the work of the Contented Dementia Trust in managing the well-being of people with dementia. She discusses how solicitors can get involved, and responds to some of the criticisms of the Trust’s methods

All Elderly Client

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Wind it upSubscription

14 February 2017

In the second in a two-part series, Jo Summers addresses the key taxation issues trustees must be aware of when winding up a trust

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Checks and balancesSubscription

14 February 2017

Upcoming tax changes may lead more private property investors to incorporate. Susan Winter looks at the pros and cons of each structure, and the implications for private clients who own property as an investment

All Tax and Estate Planning

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Working it out

14 February 2017

Mediating may not make an unhappy family happy, but it can be a useful way of helping you sort out sensitive private client issues before they escalate. Andrew Hildebrand explains

Stuart Adams

Helping handsSubscription

14 February 2017

Stuart Adams reviews a new title from the Law Society on all aspects of contentious probate work

All Contentious Probate

Simon Leney

Back to Basics: Administering trustsSubscription

14 February 2017

In this Back to Basics, Simon Leney identifies some of the building blocks that are needed to do this work effectively. The article is in three parts: the take-on of a newly established trust, the take-on of an existing trust, and the conduct of a trust

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Wind it upSubscription

14 February 2017

In the second in a two-part series, Jo Summers addresses the key taxation issues trustees must be aware of when winding up a trust

All Trusts

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