Join our one-hour webinar to learn about international data transfer and the movement of personal data across systems, networks and borders.

This webinar will cover:

  • examples of international data transfers
  • EU / US Privacy Shield
  • model contract clauses
  • binding corporate rules and codes of conduct
  • ongoing litigation in EU and US that may impact the current system (including Schrems II)


Peter Wright, solicitor and managing director at Digital Law

Peter has been advising clients on data protection for over a decade and created Digital Law in 2014 to provide legal and compliance advice to organisations about their activities in the Digital arena. Digital Law has clients across the UK, Europe, Middle East, North Africa, Asia and the United States and advises on data protection, GDPR and cyber security compliance along with social media law, e-commerce, website compliance, software licensing, privacy and Freedom of Information Act matters.

Peter is the chair of the GDPR Working Group of the Law Society of England and Wales. He is also a member of the Law Society Board and a past chair of the Technology and Law Committee. He is also chair of the Law Society’s Policy and Regulatory Affairs Committee, managing the work of the Law Society’s thirty legal policy and regulatory committees and providing overall strategic direction and vision.

He is author of the Law Society Cyber Security Toolkit, a practical compliance guide for law firms, and is co-author of a GDPR practical compliance manual for law firms. He regularly speaks at events and presents webinars and podcasts for organisations including MBL Professional Training and the Law Society. A regular speaker at conferences around the world, Peter has spoken at the Nordic Privacy Arena, the European Legal Security Forum, the Lawyer2050 Conference in Tunis and the British Legal Technology Forum in London.

This webinar is discounted by 20% for Risk and Compliance Service members.