June 2019

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Warren Gordon

Ringing in the new


Warren Gordon looks at some of the key wording in the new edition of the Law Society’s Code for Completion by Post


Sarah Dwight

Moving with the times


The revised Conveyancing Protocol comes into force in 2019. Sarah Dwight explains what changes have been made and why

Tighten up - spanners turning bolts labelled "systems" and "processes".

Tighten up


Lean techniques can help you identify inefficiencies in your processes. Jo-Anne Wild presents a beginner’s guide to lean techniques and how to apply them in your own firm

Peter Rodd

Lending a hand


In April, Peter Rodd chaired a roundtable event with six of the major lenders, between them representing over 50% of the current mortgage market. How can solicitors and lenders work better together to make the process quicker and simpler?

Stephen Lewis

Fight for the right


Stephen Lewis and his team of expert lawyers outline the impact the Law Commission’s recent right to manage consultation could have for homeowners in England and Wales

Landlords and Section 21 notices - two doors, one open to show the number 21

Catch 21

By and

Sarah Cummins and David Smith review the current law on section 21 notices and consider the future of the section 21 procedure, following the government’s recent proposal to abolish no-fault evictions

Eleanor O’Reilly-Joe

Quality time


As part of a programme of change to the Conveyancing Quality Scheme, we will soon be rolling out two new assessments designed to help firms to further drive improvement in their residential conveyancing practice. Eleanor O’Reilly-Joe explains

Insurance - umbrella sheltering broker's desk from rain

Insure of yourself


If you arrange title or other insurances in relation to a property transaction, new insurance distribution rules apply to you. Steven Petty explains the rules and your options for compliance

Warren Gordon

Home fee


Warren Gordon looks at the impact of the Tenant Fees Act 2019, which will limit the payments that a landlord can charge in connection with most short-term residential tenancies entered into on or after 1 June 2019

Sophie Quince

What’s in a name?

By , , and

We all think we know what a “house” is, but the definition in legislation has been causing confusion ever since it came into force in 1968, particularly for leaseholders. Students at Northumbria Law School look at the case law and the current position

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