December 2017

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From the ground up


In September 2017, Warren Gordon became the new chair of the Property Section. In his first comment piece, he provides a personal perspective on leasehold ground rents


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Put your house in order


In a volatile market, it may be hard to find time to address practice management, but, says Peter Rodd, you can’t afford not to. Are you eally working as efficiently and profitably as you can be? And if not, what can you do about it?

graham farrant

New beginnings


Graham Farrant, chief executive of HM Land Registry, provides an update on HM Land Registry’s digitisation plans, and the challenges and opportunities ahead

sophie raniwala

Broader horizons


The benefits and importance of capital allowances in commercial sales and purchases has been well publicised, but did you know the relief also needs to be considered in some residential and landlord and tenant matters? Sophie Raniwala explains

breaking ground

Breaking ground


Escalating ground rents have been headline news in recent months. They can make a property not only unaffordable, but also potentially unsaleable. Lucy Barber explains how enfranchisement could help, and outlines the legislation

andrew robertson

Quality time


In the latest of our series of regular updates from HM Land Registry, Andrew Robertson looks at requisitions, and the role of both HM Land Registry and conveyancers in improving application quality

warren gordon

Coded message


New Property Section chair Warren Gordon outlines the implications of the new Electronic Communications Code

tracey calvert

Best interests


Do you know your obligations around identifying and addressing potential conflicts of interest? Tracey Calvert provides a refresher guide to conflicts in conveyancing practice


Street smarts

By and

A prospective buyer of a property on a private road or in a new development may not realise the risks ahead if the road isn’t adopted as a highway. Ann Morley and Chris Bond introduce new guidance and what solicitors need to know

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Take care


Do you know what extra steps you need to take when acting for a client who lacks mental capacity? Stephen Desmond looks at the case law and the lessons it holds for conveyancers

graham murphy

Brave new world


If you’re working in a firm outside the top-100, you might not realise how you could benefit from the wave of technological innovation in the property sector. Graham Murphy looks at some high-profile innovators and the effect on practice, now and in the future

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