October 2019

Managing for Success magazine cover - October 2019


Ann Harrison

Topical application


Law Management Section chair Ann Harrison outlines the topics we will be focusing on in the upcoming year, including the new regulatory regime


Artificial intelligence - person holding phone with lines connecting to symbols in their head (labelled AI)

Intelligence briefing


Nikolas Kairinos provides a personal perspective on why and how artificial intelligence will shape the legal sector’s future

Paul Bennett

Free and easy?


What does the new ‘gig economy’ freelancer model mean for your firm? Why is this a management issue? Paul Bennett looks at some of the key challenges

Marzena Lipman

State of independence


The SRA introduces a new ‘freelance solicitor’ model next month, allowing solicitors to provide legal services on a freelance basis. But how will the model work in practice, and could it be for you? Marzena Lipman takes a closer look

Harass - outline of person running, surrounded by hands reaching out

Safe space


A recent survey has revealed the extent of bullying and harassment in the legal sector. Lucy Trevelyan looks at the role of culture and leadership, and how firms can prevent bullying and harassment, and deal with complaints if they do occur

John Niland

Worth your while


In the first of a two-part series on self-worth, John Niland explains what it is, why it is essential to your success and happiness, and how to cultivate it through a few simple exercises

Brian Cullen 600x400

Group action


Duncan Wood talks to Brian Cullen, CEO of north-west law firm the Jackson Lees Group, about rebranding, its ambitious expansion programme, and change management

Philippa Dempster

Movers and shakers


How do you know when it’s the right time to change your office space? What should you consider when fitting out a new space? What changes in working practices might result? Philippa Dempster looks at how her firm made the move

Katherine Thomas

Pick and choose


In the second of a two-part series on innovation, Katherine Thomas looks at which areas of your business might be ripe for innovation

 Marketing mix - scientist holding beakers with different coloured liquids

Mixing it up


Do you know how to influence a potential client’s decision-making process so they choose you over a competitor? Neil Quantick looks at what law firms can learn from two key marketing theories: the buyer decision process and the marketing mix

Sarah Sargent

Bright young things


Sarah Sargent offers an associate’s view of succession planning through working with and supporting the millennials in your business

David Green

Next exit


David Green looks at effective succession planning: why it matters, what it should cover, and how to ensure you have a culture which supports it

Fighting fit - person wearing boxing gloves

Fighting fit


The one thing that seems certain in the legal sector is uncertainty. So how can law firm leaders ensure their firms are fit for the future, when they don’t know what that future might be? Andrew Hedley offers a practical approach

John Clarke

The big three


What lessons can law firms learn from three of 2019’s top cybersecurity attacks? John Clarke considers

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