Duncan Wood

Duncan Wood

Duncan Wood is an editor at the Law Society.

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    Rashmi decisions


    Duncan Wood speaks to lawyer, mediator and entrepreneur Rashmi Dubé about her long and varied career running businesses, advising boards, writing her own newspaper column, and why the business world need to become future thinkers

  • Duncan Wood

    Power source


    There has been a certain amount of historical reluctance on the part of some law firms to outsource services to a third party, but with the huge changes inflicted on the legal profession in 2020, the tide seems to be turning, explains Duncan Wood

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    Making a move


    Duncan Wood talks to lawyers about how they transitioned from fee-earners to risk professionals with successful careers in legal compliance.

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    Outsourcing: 5 tips for making it work for your business


    Coronavirus has shown law firms that they don’t necessarily need their support staff to be sitting next door to their fee-earners. It has also put pressure on firms to reduce outgoings and improve their resilience - and outsourcing could help. Duncan Wood considers

  • Alison Lobb

    Liverpool empire


    Fresh from a team and individual win at the 2019 Excellence Awards, Alison Lobb, managing partner of Morecrofts in Liverpool, talks to Duncan Wood about connecting with local businesses, developing talent and promoting diversity

  • Brian Cullen 600x400

    Group action


    Duncan Wood talks to Brian Cullen, CEO of north-west law firm the Jackson Lees Group, about rebranding, its ambitious expansion programme, and change management

  • Angelo Piccirillo

    Winning streak


    Conveyancing firm AVRillo has received a host of industry awards and effusive praise on consumer review websites. Co-founder and partner Angelo Piccirillo explains the secrets of its success to Duncan Wood

  • vidisha-joshi-380x254

    Allen key


    Vidisha Joshi made the headlines when she was named managing partner of Hodge Jones & Allen aged just 38, replacing founder Patrick Allen after 40 years. She explains to Duncan Wood how the firm is gearing up for the future

  • Angelo Piccirillo

    Winning streak


    Conveyancing firm AVRillo has received a host of industry awards and effusive praise on consumer review websites. Co-founder and partner Angelo Piccirillo explains the secrets of its success to Duncan Wood

  • 2018 conference - Paul Lewis in conversation with John Hyde 2018

    Keynote: Hot off the press


    At the conference keynote session, Paul Lewis, financial journalist and broadcaster, in conversation with John Hyde, deputy news editor of the Law Society Gazette, spoke about pricing and clarity in legal services

  • Duncan Wood

    It begins at home?


    Building trust with charity legacy professionals, better Law Society leadership and tackling will-making misconceptions are all needed to encourage solicitors to discuss charitable giving with clients, according to a roundtable led by the Private Client Section. Duncan Wood reports

  • hillyer mc keown caroline jones

    Top of the hill


    Duncan Wood talks to Hillyer McKeown’s head of commercial property, Caroline Jones, about how her firm is winning awards for its innovative approach to IT in its conveyancing practice

  • george bisnought

    Excello adventure


    Excello Law took home the inaugural Law Society’s Excellence in Law Management Excellence Award in 2017. Duncan Wood speaks to managing director George Bisnought and recruitment director Jo Losty about their win, and why their agile model is so successful

  • steve harvey

    King of the hill


    North-west firm Hillyer McKeown has recently seen substantial growth in both its core legal services and its portfolio of non-legal diversified services, which include a marketing company and a management consultancy. Duncan Wood speaks to managing partner Steve Harvey

  • ltr ceo chris setford and ceo guy setford 1000x1000

    In the Manager's Chair: Rising stock


    Nearly four years ago, Guy and Chris Setford from Setfords Solicitors were featured in ‘In the Manager’s Chair’, following the firm’s move to a fee-sharing model. Duncan Wood talks to them about the firm’s growth since, including through external investment

  • pavani reddy 140x96

    Smashing the ceiling


    As one of few female Asians to run an international law firm in London, Pavani Reddy has risen to the top of her profession. She speaks to Duncan Wood about the challenges of being made partner before the age of 30, taking on troublesome cases, and breaking the glass ceiling

  • ann harrison 140x96

    In the Manager's Chair: Spinning plates


    Duncan Wood talks to Ann Harrison, chairwoman of Stephensons and member of the Law Management Section committee, about juggling multiple roles, presiding over a period of impressive organic growth, and making plans for the future

  • darryl cooke 140x96

    Gunning for success


    With a distinguished career as a law firm partner behind him, Darryl Cooke co-founded a law firm, gunnercooke, on an innovative new model. He explains to Duncan Wood how the firm is challenging the way that legal services are delivered

  • richard spector 1000x1000

    Come back fighting


    Five years ago, ELS Legal was hit by scandal: one of its partners had defrauded a client of millions of pounds. Partner Richard Spector talks to Duncan Wood about the firm’s comeback, and how it has innovated to succeed.

  • Angela Rippon

    Angela Rippon interview


    At this year’s Elderly Client Care Conference, Alzheimer’s Society ambassador Angela Rippon, in conversation with Duncan Wood, spoke about the challenges dementia presents for society.

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