July 2023



Paul Bennett

Ways of working


Paul Bennett reflects on the key issues that firm leaders face, and outlines what this edition of the magazine provides


Brendan Pittaway_600x400

Telling tales


Brendan Pittaway outlines how and why you should use public relations to build your business

Regulation graphic-600x400

Regulating behaviour

By and

Jessica Clay and Lucinda Soon summarise how the SRA can regulate solicitors’ behaviour in and out of the workplace, and analyse in what circumstances they will choose to take action

Consultancy graphic-600x400

Consultancy matters


Lucy Trevelyan looks at the increasing popularity of the consultancy model of providing legal services

Sally Thompson_600x400

Ready to launch

By and

Sally Thompson and Sue Bramall share their step-by-step approach to the rebranding and relaunch of a new website at a law firm

Open graphic_600x400

Opening up


Managing your mental health in a demanding work environment can be incredibly challenging. For Mental Health Awareness Week, three solicitors open up to Dan Gilbert about their experiences with stress, pressure and mental ill health in private practice

Jeff Zindani_600x400

Exit strategy


Jeff Zindani discusses how to ensure the successful sale of a legal business, the questions to first ask yourself, and ways to ensure both the best price and a lasting legacy for your hard work

Client graphic_600x400

Growing gains


Legal business development is based on good client relationships but lawyers all too frequently waste opportunities to build meaningful connections. Robin Dicks explains the right questions to ask to refine your growth strategy and win more work

Natalie Moore_600x400

Four days a week


In a recent trial many businesses opted to adopt a four-day work week. Natalie Moore explains how it works for her conveyancing firm

AI graphic_600x400

The generation game


Roman Kubiak looks at how artificial intelligence is likely to change the face of the legal landscape

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