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Forum: Compliance support for in-house lawyers (London, various dates in 2016)

1 June 2016

Traditionally in-house lawyers have had a long-distance relationship with the SRA but this is no longer possible. Recent changes in the law, and with the introduction of the SRA Handbook, mean that in-house practice is of greater interest to the regulator than ever before and ignorance of compliance requirements is a risky position to sustain.

Compliance support forum for COLPs/COFAs - Protect your firm from cyber crime (5 July 2016)

1 June 2016

Law firms and in-house legal departments are obvious and attractive targets for cyber attacks due to the sensitive information they hold.

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Risk and Compliance annual conference 2016 - achieving best practice in compliance

26 November 2015

Examining the current compliance issues affecting firms and legal departments. 

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Webinar: New SRA regime, CPD and continuing competence practical guide (23 June 2016)

1 June 2016

Join this webinar to get an overview of continuing competence - what do I need to know? how do I identify my training needs? how do I keep training records? and how do I demonstrate that the SRA requirements have been met? 

The Solicitor's regulation authority

Webinar: New SRA regime, CPD and continuing competence - what do you need to know? (24 June 2016)

1 June 2016

This webinar, offered at a 20 per cent discount to Private Client Section members, will give you an in-depth understanding of how to start planning now for continuing competence. 

COLP update 2015

25 November 2015

The Compliance Officers for Legal Practice (“COLP”) has been a required appointment for all bodies operating under the Legal Services Act 2007 since January 2013.

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The final countdown

1 June 2016

The changes to continuing professional development will be mandatory from 1 November 2016. Nicola Jones and Jane Green-Armytage look at how firms are responding, and the pros and cons of adapting the old regime versus embracing a competency-based approach.

SRA debate on financial protections

14 July 2015

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) have published a discussion paper this week as part of their continued efforts to review and reform client financial protection arrangements.

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Facing a compliance quandary?

31 March 2015Updated: 28 April 2015

The Law Society’s Practice Advice Service answers some frequently asked questions on AML, due diligence, and professional negligence

Career steps

Continuing professional development - what now?

31 March 2015Updated: 28 April 2015

We round up the changes to the SRA’s CPD scheme, how it could affect your firm, and what you need to do now if you want to move to the new scheme or continue with the current one


Participation offence targets those who assist organised crime groups

22 December 2014Updated: 19 May 2015

As part of the Home Office’s campaign to raise awareness around solicitors being used to assist organised crime groups, Karen Bradley, MP, minister for modern slavery and organised crime, outlines the impact of a new offence of participation in organised crime groups’ criminal activities.

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