Pearl Moses provides an overview of what to expect and some of the practical challenges and opportunities that will arise for compliance professionals.

The SRA is introducing its new Standards and Regulations on 25 November. The new regulations are shorter than the existing Handbook and many prescriptive rules will be removed.

This webinar covers:

  • key changes
  • the SRA guidance
  • new ways of working
  • independent solicitors
  • ethics and compliance


Pearl Moses, operational director, Membership Services Development, Law Society

Pearl Moses is leading a team working to develop and streamline products and services for the solicitor profession. Building on her previous experience in private practice, legal publishing and more recently as head of the Risk and Compliance Service at the Law Society.

Pearl is a distinguished commentator and consultant on legal regulatory and compliance issues and utilises her expertise to deliver innovative legal learning solutions to the solicitor profession.

This webinar is inclusive to Risk and Compliance Service members.