This webinar will consider the radical overhaul to the SRA Handbook with a focus on what to expect when it comes into force.

A radical overhaul to the SRA Handbook is coming. The Handbook is being substantially reduced in length and prescription and is being divided into two - one Code for individuals and another for regulated firms and entities. 

Adopting a practical, hands-on approach the course will consider what you and your firm need to change in readiness for the implementation date and will feature any up to date regulatory developments at the time of recording.

This webinar will cover the following:


  • What’s in the New Handbook?
  • The risk-based approach
  • The six principles
  • SRA Authorisation for individuals
  • SRA Authorisation for entities
  • What are the merits in being SRA-regulated?
  • What new SRA guidance is there?
  • Restrictions and duties on individuals

Who should attend?

MLROs, COLPS, COFAs, Risk Mangers, Practice Managers, Managing Partners


Pearl Moses, Head of Risk and Compliance at the Law Society.

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