The SRA has announced far-reaching changes to the way solicitors and their firms currently practise.

This one-hour webinar will cover the coming changes and their impact on your firm, and how to prepare for when the changes are introduced in spring 2019.

Key changes include:

  • a much slimmer SRA Handbook with two Codes of Conduct - one for individuals and one for firms
  • simplified and shorter Accounts Rules
  • changes to practice rules including the removal of restrictions on solicitors delivering non-reserved services to the public from unregulated entities
  • allowing traditional law firms in Scotland or Northern Ireland to offer ‘reserved legal services’ to people in England and Wales
  • the introduction of a single Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) from 2020

By listening to this webinar you will:

  • gain insight into the future SRA Handbook
  • appreciate the implications changes to the rules may have for your firm
  • become aware of the key changes to help you prepare for implementation

The speaker, Pearl Moses, is the head of Risk and Compliance at the Law Society of England and Wales. She is a solicitor and compliance expert with over twelve years’ experience in private practice, legal publishing, and advising on regulatory issues.

Well-known in risk and compliance circles, Pearl is a sought-after speaker, trainer-facilitator and coach. As a consultant she specialises in creating tailored compliance solutions and interventions to help firms and in-house legal teams embed sound risk managment principles and comply with changing regulations.

This webinar is a live audio event accompanied by slides during which you can ask questions.

This webinar is inclusive to Risk & Compliance Section members.

Recorded on 9 October 2018