Find out more about how the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s (SRA) new rules will affect the way you practice and promote your services to clients.

The SRA has announced major changes affecting how solicitors and firms inform clients about legal services. The new rules will affect all solicitors and will cover:

  • the background to the SRA’s announcement
  • new requirements to publish price and service information on websites, in certain areas of practice
  • new requirements for all firms regarding regulatory information.

Our webinar on the changes is inclusive to Risk and Compliance Section members.

By attending you will gain:

  • a detailed overview of new requirements regarding price, service and regulatory information that will need to be provided to clients
  • an understanding of why the SRA made its announcements
  • a better understanding of the implications of the changes for your firm
  • practical first steps you can take to compliance.

This webinar is a live audio event, accompanied by slides during which you can ask questions. 

Recorded on 13 July 2018