March 2021

Property in Practice magazine cover - March 2021


Warren Gordon

Hope for the best


As the government announces a roadmap to lift England and Wales out of lockdown, Property Section chair Warren Gordon looks at what the Section and the Law Society will focus on in the year ahead, from electronic signatures to ground rents


Boundaries: man looking at blue sky through hole in brick wall

Leaps and boundaries


There is anecdotal evidence that boundary disputes have been on the rise during the pandemic, as we all spend more time at home. Will Oakes looks at why these disputes are so common and how they can be resolved without court involvement

Tom Grogan-600x400

Dream machine

By and

Nick Kirby and Tom Grogan provide an overview of developments in commercial proptech, including around machine learning, diligence, and the Internet of Things

Stefano Lucatello-600x400

The rules of civility


Stefano Lucatello provides a back-to-basics guide to some of the differences that apply in civil law jurisdictions, around purchasing property and making wills

Peter Rodd

Pushed for money


Peter Rodd looks at three key areas of risk facing conveyancers today: push payment fraud, money laundering and additional enquiries


Mine of information

By and

David Manda and Claire Acklam offer legal and practical advice on how mines and minerals rights may impact on or interfere with the development of land

Chris Pope

Better together


Chris Pope outlines the next steps in HM Land Registry’s transformation programme, what improvements you should expect to see and how you can get involved

Remote working meeting with dog and houseplants in the background

Remote control


Lorraine Richardson considers some of the risks that remote working presents for conveyancing firms, and what they can do to mitigate them

Kathryn Taylor

Help yourself


The new Help to Buy scheme went live in December, and buyers under the previous scheme have until 31 May 2021 to legally complete their purchase. Kathryn Taylor outlines how the schemes differ, and the actions solicitors need to take

John Baguley

Fire safety update


John Baguley, who oversaw the introduction of the EWS1 form and process, explains how the process works in practice, and what might change next around fire safety and cladding

SDLT: woman placing "sold" sign outside house

Fault lines


Suzanne O’Hara looks at some of the common errors made in stamp duty land tax, and how these can be addressed

Richard Oliphant

Sign of things to come


Richard Oliphant looks at how e-signing platforms like Adobe Sign and DocuSign will underpin HM Land Registry’s plans to digitalise conveyancing and land registration in England and Wales

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