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Keep up to date with features, commentaries and current awareness updates from the industry’s leading practitioners. PS magazine is the ultimate resource for private client practitioners. Published four times a year, it delves deep into the issues that matter most to you.

Our 'Back to Basics' section takes one key issue and provides extensive practical details to ensure you're up to speed and confident in your knowledge. From wills and probate to estate planning and trusts, we've got you covered.
Each magazine issue has one of its articles freely available that can be read by non-Section members, perfect for giving a taste of what the Section can offer.
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    Protect and serve

    2024-06-17T13:59:00+01:00By and

    Cate Searle and Clare English examine considerations needed before selling a protected party’s property

  • Tasso-graphic-600x400

    Tricks of the trade


    Kim Tasso looks at a three-tier, full firm approach to marketing private client services

  • Guide-graphic-600x400

    Practice makes perfect


    Stephen Lawson considers the Law Society’s practice notes and their benefit for private client practitioners

  • Language graphic (cropped)

    Language barriers


    Léa Maynard looks at the three different kinds of French will, and the practical language considerations at play in each


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