Commonly raised questions and answers which will assist practitioners with utilising the online service:

I am applying for a new deputy order – can I do this online?

Yes, practitioners should avoid using the paper submission process for new applications as this is due to be phased out imminently.

How do I apply to for a change of deputy?

This remains a paper application, but the Court are looking to extend the online application process to cover change of deputy applications shortly. 

How do I use the online service if I am a panel deputy?

The Court are looking to include information to allow panel deputies to complete the online process more easily as it is recognised that this hasn’t always been possible given that they do not hold all relevant information to apply and work through the online process. Any information that needs to be given to the Court outside of the normal online application process, should be set out on a cover sheet and uploaded as an additional document. 

How do I apply for an interim deputy order?

You can apply for a deputy order in the usual way online. You can then set out what interim orders you require at the very beginning of the online application process when you are prompted to inform the Court of any other authority you are requested.

How do I obtain additional authority at the same time as applying for a new deputy order?

You can only apply for this online at the same time as applying for a brand-new deputy order. If you are seeking additional authority at the same time as making the initial application, you should complete the very first optional box in the online application process to inform the Court and then upload any additional support information when prompted to do so at the end of the online process.

How do I obtain additional authority when I already have an order in place?

If you already have an order, you will need to apply on paper for the additional authority.

How do I deal with an application for a child trust fund?

These should be made using the paper application process.