Inclusive Private Client Section Webinars

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Webinar: Contentious probate for non-contentious probate lawyers (OnDemand)


This webinar will teach you how best to avoid contentious probate and what to do if one of your clients or estates becomes contentious.

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Webinar: Managing estates regarding ashes, pets and possessions (OnDemand)


This webinar will help you understand and stay up to date with both a broad understanding of the detail in this niche area of probate law.

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Webinar: Pensions update - demystifying the current regime (OnDemand)


Join Luke Brooks’ update to gain a better understanding of the current private and state pension systems.

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Webinar: Court of Protection cases – achieving a fair reward for your work (On Demand)


This webinar on 4 September 2018 looks at how lawyers get paid for work on deputyship cases.

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Webinar: Money laundering for private client advisers (OnDemand)


Learn what you need to do to keep abreast of new regulations and how to protect your firm from money laundering in our webinar.


Webinar: Drafting wills to cover assets in overseas jurisdictions (OnDemand)


Whether you want to be able to draft a single will to cover your clients’ worldwide assets or whether you need to draft more than one will to cover your clients’ assets in the UK or abroad, this webinar will help you to understand the inherent dangers and opportunities.

All Inclusive Private Client Section Webinars

Discounted Private Client Section webinars

The Law Society offers a number of private client-related webinars at a 20% discount to Section members.


Webinar: Reporting solicitors to the SRA - when are you obliged to and how should you report? (OnDemand)

This webinar on 4 July will explore when you are obliged to report your concerns to the SRA.

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Webinar: Probate disputes update 2019 (OnDemand)

This webinar provides a best practice guide to help probate practitioners prevent future disputes, and reviews key cases from the last 18 months.

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Webinar: Lasting powers of attorney (OnDemand)

This webinar will look at recent developments and points in practice for deputies and attorneys.

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Webinar: Family business succession - how to advise your clients (OnDemand)

This webinar identifies the issues particular to family businesses, why they arise and how to best protect against failing to survive beyond the third generation.