October 2020

Managing for Success magazine cover - October 2020


Ann Harrison

Opportunity knocks


Ann Harrison looks at the benefits and challenges of new ways of working


- hand reaching for cord to turn on lightbulb

The bright side


In hard times, being able to look at challenges and see opportunities is invaluable. Nick Jarrett-Kerr offers six strategies for innovative law firms keen to turn the recession to their advantage

Grant Beecham

Home and away


Lockdown meant that firms across the country had to implement remote working – but not all firms have taken the opportunity to harness the benefits of agile working in the long term. Grant Beecham looks at how to implement it successfully

Lubna Gem Arielle 600x400

Call to mind


In the first of a two-part series about how to have conversations with your colleagues and line reports about their mental health, Lubna Gem Arielle provides a brief introduction to mental health in the workplace

Gary Gallen- 600x400

The bigger picture


Lucy Trevelyan talks to Gary Gallen about setting up his firm, rradar, its holistic model, how it uses technology to serve clients, and how it has weathered the coronavirus pandemic

Black Lives Matter in law - Two black hands, one holding a heart

Black Lives Matter in law


Diana Bentley looks at how law firms have been working to improve the record of the legal profession on diversity and inclusion, and the impact of the Black Lives Matter movement

Paul Bennett 600x400

Free reign


Paul Bennett looks at the new freedoms introduced by the Solicitors Regulation Authority in 2019: what should you consider if you’re thinking about taking advantage of the new freedoms, and how can law firms compete with the new models?

Jo-Anne Wild

Culture shock


In the rush to set up the right technology and frameworks for working from home, some firms have neglected the culture and people challenges of the new working environment. Jo‑Anne Wild offers some tips

Colin Bohanna 600x400

About time


Did you know that switching tasks too often could eat up 40% of your productivity? Or that lawyers typically bill only 31% of their time? Colin Bohanna looks at the value of time management – and how you can improve yours

Inner resilience: person pushing back wall of chaos

Inner resources


The pandemic and lockdown have put a strain on everyone’s mental health and wellbeing. Kim Tasso looks at the role of resilience in overcoming difficulties, and how you can improve your own resilience

Andy Harris 600x400

Stormy skies


Andy Harris looks at the financial challenges ahead for law firms in the next few months, and what you can do to minimise the impact on your firm, including through effective forecasting

Bob Spence

Here comes the rain again


Bob Spence looks at how to restart your rainmaking activities post-lockdown, including how to prioritise your business development efforts, and how to restart stagnant conversations with clients and prospects

Rupert Hawke 600x400

Chain reaction

By and

Rupert Hawke and Charlotte Powell look at how law firms can use the value chain model to add value at each stage of their legal services provision

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