Bob Spence

Bob Spence is a strategic networking thought leader and accredited trainer, and a consultant at management consultancy, Wilkinson Read & Partners

  • Bob Spence

    Here comes the rain again


    Bob Spence looks at how to restart your rainmaking activities post-lockdown, including how to prioritise your business development efforts, and how to restart stagnant conversations with clients and prospects

  • Bob Spence

    Screen capture


    Clients and prospects are now used to using webcams and teleconferencing software for meetings – and are unlikely to change their habits after lockdown. Bob Spence looks at how rainmakers can use technology to conduct effective business development online

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    Shuffle the cards


    Exchanging business cards at networking events is part of most law firms’ business development activity. Bob Spence looks at why this may not be the best use of time, and how else you can build your network and win new business