Kim Tasso

Kim Tasso

Kim Tasso  is a management consultant and psychologist who has worked with professional service firms for over 25 years. She is the author of Essential Soft Skills for Lawyers (Globe Law and Business, July 2020). She is also a trustee at a mental health charity

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  • Inner resilience: person pushing back wall of chaos

    Inner resources


    The pandemic and lockdown have put a strain on everyone’s mental health and wellbeing. Kim Tasso looks at the role of resilience in overcoming difficulties, and how you can improve your own resilience

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    Workshop: Developing more private client work


    Kim Tasso summarises her session on developing a stragegy to get more private client work.

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    Get the message


    It doesn’t matter how good your work or client service is if you’re not getting your name out there. Kim Tasso provides a brief guide to marketing private client work, with a guide on digital marketing tools and techniques.