July 2020


Ann Harrison

Lead time


Ann Harrison looks at the role of leadership in lockdown, and how the Law Management Section is looking to support its members


Nicole Vayssier 600x400

Taking care of business


Coronavirus has increased the pressure on law firm leaders – to ensure their business’ survival and inspire their people, while juggling personal commitments. But, asks Nicole Vayssier, are you taking care of your own mental and physical wellbeing?

old and new - 600x400

Best of both


Clients want their legal service providers to display characteristics of both established and NewLaw firms. Katherine Thomas looks at what established firms can learn from NewLaw, on everything from resourcing to technology

Simon Tupman 600x400

Weathering the storm


Simon Tupman offers some simple tips for law firm leaders looking to support their businesses and their people through the coronavirus crisis

Liz Ritter 600x400

Exam nerves


Liz Ritter explains how the Solicitors Qualifying Examination will work in practice and what law firms need to do now as employers to prepare

Shaheen Mamun

Lock and key


Shaheen Mamun, co-founder of Black Antelope Law, talks to Lucy Trevelyan about setting up a law firm as an introvert, thriving in lockdown, and the importance of diversity in the legal profession

Bob Spence

Screen capture


Clients and prospects are now used to using webcams and teleconferencing software for meetings – and are unlikely to change their habits after lockdown. Bob Spence looks at how rainmakers can use technology to conduct effective business development online

trust-circle 600x400

Virtuous circle


Nick Jarrett-Kerr looks at how professionals can break into the circle of trust with clients and colleagues, including in a time of social distancing

Peter Wright

All systems go


The growth of lawtech has been a defining feature of legal services in the last decade, but lockdown has changed technology investment from an option to an essential. Peter Wright asks: has lawtech finally come of age?

Ben Trott

Lights, camera, action!


Ben Trott looks at the rise of video content for law firms under lockdown, and what you can learn to deliver effective, useful content which supports your clients and bolsters your firm’s reputation

Martin MacHale

Hard facts


Martin MacHale explains how you should present your firm in a hardening professional indemnity insurance market, and the potential impact of lockdown and remote working

Mike Fisher 600x400

All the rage


Solicitors are paid to be level-leaded and analytical, but those same skills and motivations can also lead to anger management issues. Mike Fisher looks at why, and offers solicitors some tips for managing their anger

Law firm roles - five people looking at board listing roles: "The Legal COO", "Practice Executives", "Non-executive shareholder" and "Managing partner as CEO"

Role calls


Chris Bull looks at the growth of new roles in law firms, from chief operating officers to legal engineers, and what the future might hold for law firm resourcing and governance

Jo Morris 600x400

The big five


Jo Morris outlines the changes brought in by the Fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive, and what you need to do to ensure your firm is compliant

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