January 2020


Ann Harrison

Big win


Law Management Section chair Ann Harrison looks back at the past year, including her personal highlight: judging the Practice Manager of the Year award at the Law Society Excellence Awards


Paul Bennett

Human interest


The new SRA Standards and Regulations have made significant changes relating to referral arrangements, and clarified the regulator’s core view: that all referral arrangements must be in the client’s best interest. Paul Bennett explains

Potential - man in suit standing at edge of spotlight

Seeing the light


Identifying talent and potential in current and prospective staff is key to ensuring your firm is fit for the future, says Dr Amanda Potter. But how can you design a process that really works for your firm?


On the same side


In the first of a two-part series on complaints, Rebecca Atkinson looks at some of the reasons why clients complain, and how to avoid complaints by focusing on providing ‘good’ service in key areas

Access - sunset landscape inside profile of person's head

The long view


Are you contemplating appointing apprentices for the first time, or broadening your use of apprentices? What can you learn from firms already on the journey? Diana Bentley reports

Ben Trott

Search and rescue


Ben Trott provides a beginner’s guide to search engine optimisation – what it is, how it can help you win new clients, and the pitfalls to watch out for

David Farquarson

Bright spark


David Farquharson co-founded Ignition Law to support start-up businesses. Lucy Trevelyan talks to him about starting up his own business, and how recruitment and culture have supported success

Scott Campbell

Pay heed


In April, the government is planning to make changes to IR35 – the rules around the tax treatment of off-payroll contractors. Scott Campbell explains the changes, and how they could apply to your firm

Data - blocks of data being fed through funnel into measuring beaker

Test subject

By and

Law firms have so much management information at their fingertips, but many focus on just a couple of financial metrics. John Humpherson and Barry Wilkinson look at how to use management information to improve your business processes

John Niland

Worthy cause


In the second of his series on self-worth, John Niland looks at how law firm partners and managers can develop self-worth in others, and the benefits this can bring to your business

Zulon Begum

Sparring partner

By , and

Zulon Begum, Nicholas Hawkins and Rob Hind look at some of the common issues around dealing with allegations of partner misconduct in law firms

Come together - two people greeting eachother over a wall

Come together

By and

Martin Griffiths and Sally Calverley provide an introduction to collaboration in law firms, from the hurdles to the benefits

Kiran Purewal

In balance


Supporting work-life balance in your firm can help you attract and retain the best people and create an inclusive and high-performing workplace. Kiran Purewal offers her top tips

Yarman Vachha

Zero hero


Zero-based budgeting is often seen as a cost-cutting exercise, but used strategically, it can help you grow your business. Yarman Vachha explains the benefits of the approach, and how to implement it in your firm

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