Spring 2016 special mediation focus

  • mark field 285x194

    They think it’s all over... it should be now


    Mark Field considers the final steps of a mediation.

  • tim wallis

    Interview: Tim Wallis, mediator and solicitor


    We speak to independent full-time mediator Tim Wallis ( http://www.tim-wallis.co.uk/ ) on his daily practice, including the selection process, his pre-mediation service, handling difficult clients, and what happens once the day is over. He also gives his best practice advice on making the mediation go as smoothly as possible.

  • nigel broadbent 2

    Interview: Nigel Broadbent, director, Lupton Fawcett


    Nigel Broadbent, director and head of the Dispute Management Department at Lupton Fawcett in Leeds, discusses his approach to mediation, including preparation, handling resistant parties, the trends he’s seen over the last 10 years - and what he wished he known about the mediation process when he began his career ...

  • Int globe 3

    A beginner's guide to cross-border mediation


    Cross-border mediation is a process where a mediator assists two or more parties to manage and resolve a multi-jurisdictional dispute within the EU. Vincent Adon, mediator and founder of London ADR, presents a beginner’s guide.

  • fitting the last puzzle piece

    Mediation: Preparing to mediate (part 3) - After the event


    In the third and final part of a three-part series on effective mediation strategies, Amanda Bucklow looks at strategies for getting the best out of the day, whatever the outcome.

  • garden court chambers exterior

    Interview: Garden Court Chambers mediation team


    Helen Curtis and Liz Davies, barrister mediators in the Garden Court Chambers mediation team, discuss the role of barristers in mediation - both barrister mediators and barristers who attend a mediation on behalf of a client.

  • Philip Hesketh

    The advantages and disadvantages of mediation


    Mediation has many advantages, but there are also downsides to it that should not be overlooked, warns Philip Hesketh

  • sunrise

    Mediation: Preparing to mediate (part 2) - On the day


    In the second of a three-part series on effective mediation strategies, Amanda Bucklow considers how you can make the mediation day the best opportunity for certainty of outcome for your client.

  • ducks row

    Mediation: Preparing to mediate (part 1)


    There are several strategies that legal professionals can adopt before, during and after a mediation which will ensure the best possible use of your time and resources. In the first of a three-part article, mediator Amanda Bucklow shares her top pre-mediation day planning tips

  • tickbox

    Mediation: Preparation and good practice


    Mark Jackson-Stops, mediator and founder of mediation chambers In Place of Strife, provides an in-depth guide to the vital points you and your client must consider prior to mediation

  • Mediation image

    RSVP: 'I accept'


    It’s clear from recent case law that the courts will judge unfavourably those parties that do not engage in mediation. Mark Field explains why, if you receive an offer to mediate, you should accept it and do so promptly

  • Feature

    Mediation: where do I begin?


    There are many mediators for hire out there. But who should you choose, and how much should you pay for their services? Nigel Broadbent, director at Lupton Fawcett Denison Till and heads of the Dispute Management Department, shares his advice