April 2021

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Paul Bennett

Back to the future


Paul Bennett stresses the importance of building a business fit the future


Bob Spence

Selling your story


Bob Spence explains ‘storytelling selling’, an engaging way to communicate with clients virtually

James Dawes

The personal touch


James Dawes explains how you can strengthen your interview and onboarding processes whilst conducting them virtually

Brexit: two people walking in opposite directions leaving a tangled knot behind them, one carries EU flag briefcase, the other a Union Jack flag briefcase

The devil in the deal


Diana Bentley examines the impact of Brexit on the legal sector and talks to leading figures in the industry about practising rights and the effect on UK firms with EU offices

Merger: shaking hands at end of long arms

Fine time?

By , and

Strategy experts Andrew Hedley, Andrew Roberts and Paul Bennett consider the opportunities and issues with acquisitions for law firms of all sizes

James Brown

All well and good


James Brown discusses how he has embedded wellness into his firm’s culture – and why you should, too


Press play


Victoria Moffatt explains how law firm leaders can harness the power of media relations to market their firms and increase their reach

Book cover: How to Start a Law Firm, a practical guide to offering legal services - Darren J. Sylvester and Rachel Roche (The Law Society)

All systems go


Lucy Scott-Moncrieff reviews a new guide by Law Society Publishing on how to start a law firm

Lucy Trevelyan

Platform for success


Lucy Trevelyan sits down with Rod Waldie, CEO of Gateley, and finds out how it has added a number of diverse services to its portfolio since it became an alternative business structure

Paul McCluskey

Even keel


Paul McCluskey discusses the steps law firm leaders can take to achieve financial stability and protect their personal assets

Cyber: person on laptop with eye peering through keyhole behind them

Under lock and key


Keeping your software up to date and securing your home router are some of Jo-Anne Wild’s tips for ensuring your data is safe while working from home

Andrew Allen

In the balance


Andrew Allen investigates how law firm balance sheets will change over the next few years

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